The Red Cloud Story

When I was younger I was very much involved in the car scene of Southern California. That interest drove me to open an automotive body shop in North Hollywood, California. We only worked on high end autos (Ferrari/Rolls Royce/Mercedes and the like). One day a customer asked us to paint his 3 year old Porsche. He wanted it repainted with the same red color.

My master painter went to work, as he painted the car the red overspray billowed from the exhaust chimney. On that particular day the air was hot, stale and stagnant, the billowing over spray became a huge cloud, a red cloud. Because there was no wind to blow this red cloud away it began to settle. Slowly dropping to the ground, filling the air with its red mist.

When the red cloud dropped to my eye level I was shocked to see the world tainted red. I knelt below the base of this cloud and once again the world returned to clear. I poked my head up into the cloud and saw red.

Not wanting to breathe in this red cloud, I left my body shop.

I did a lot of thinking that night. That red cloud, rather MY red cloud was toxic, I didn't want to breathe it in. I didn't want my staff to breathe it in. I didn't want my neighbors, my city, my state, my planet to breathe in my red or any color cloud.

The next couple of weeks went by. We finished the projects we had in-house and I then closed the shop forever.

Needing a new life, I found a job as a box boy at a local natural foods store chain (that chain exists today as Whole Foods Market). Within a year I had advanced to head buyer, learning about our food and the manufactures that create them.

Today I continue my quest to be thoughtful and powerful with my actions, making active choices to improve myself, my staff, my city, my state and my planet.

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President and CEO of California Organics

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