“While some restaurants and grocery stores will promote that they use organic whenever possible, at California Organics we prove it is always possible!
Our goals are to always operate with Truth, Wisdom, Balance, Respect and Grace. When you meet these goals, we have found true success.
We employ these standards with our relationships, our operations, and our product selection.
We feature 100% certified organic meats, 100% wild & sustainable caught seafood, 100% certified organic produce, and 100% organic dairy products.
These standards are important for ourselves, our families, our customers, our community, and our planet.”

We feature 100% certified organic meats, 100% wild & sustainable caught seafood, 100% certified organic produce & 100% organic dairy products.

Why We Do What We Do…

Why Organic?
Organic Standards reject any GMO. The final USDA organic rule, since October 2002, prohibits the use of GMOs in the production and handling of organic products. Organic practices reduce toxic load on our customers & planet, support smaller farms and many studies have shown that organic foods are nutritionally superior to agrichemical foods.

Why Avoid Free Range?
According to the USDA to be called FREE RANGE poultry needs ‘ACCESS’ to the outside, that is it!   This is a misleading term that consumers often use to select what they think is higher quality poultry.  Free range can still be fed antibiotics, recumbent feed, and all other agrichemical farming practices.

Why Avoid GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)?
There are too many unknowns in this experimental technology. GMOs are employed in foods to make growing and processing easier, not because these foods are better for the consumer or our planet.  GMOs are not natural and the gene can be owned mostly by Monsanto, currently.  While there are many indications that this ‘gene’ altering technology is health challenging, no human studies have been conducted.  In Australia, Japan, and all of the countries in the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production and sale of GMO foods.  In the US GMOs are in as much as 80% of conventional processed food.

Why Wild Caught Fish?
Farmed fish (the alternative to Wild) is typically grown in a concrete pool where the selected population lives in a crowded, isolated environment.  No survival of the fittest to keep the school strong; instead, sickly fish are ‘harvested’ and end up on our dinner plates.  The farmed feed is often deficient (that is why these farmers need to add artificial color to salmon feed to change the milky sickly flesh to the more common ‘salmon’ color customers are used to). This is an unsustainable farming practice (fish do not reproduce in these pools), bad for the fish, bad for the planet, bad for our customers.

Why Sustainable Caught Fish?
1/3rd of all commercial fish caught is called ‘By-Catch’.  When commercial fishermen fish they ‘target’ a specific type of fish, then using unsustainable fishing practices (gill-nets/dredges/purse seine/trawl) indiscriminative fishing happens, resulting in 1/3 of all commercial fish caught is ‘By-Catch’ an unwanted fish,  typically thrown over (dead) as chum.  These practices also destroy the ecosystem depleting coral reefs and seaweed stands.  These ocean ‘clear-cutting’ practices are not sustainable, making re-habitation difficult and sometimes impossible.
‘Efficient’ fishing techniques are killing our oceans. Please always insist on sustainable caught fish.

Why No Irradiated food?
Irradiation damages the quality of food destroying and diminishing nutrients and vitamins. No one knows the long-term effects; the longest human feeding study was only 15 weeks. Animals fed irradiated foods have shown increased tumors, reproductive failures and kidney damage among other ailments.

Why No Microwave Ovens?
Mainly cancer-causing effects and decreased food values. In 1976 The Soviet Union banned all microwave ovens because research showed the conversion of nutrients into known carcinogens (Dr. Lita Lee, book: Health Effects of Microwave Radiation).  Microwaves change some food structures into known harmful elements.

Why no Canola Oil?
This oil is made from Rapeseed.  It is known as an excellent herbicide.  Studies have shown this product to cause fatty degeneration of the heart, kidney, adrenal, and thyroid gland in study animals.

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