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California Organics has teamed up with tkMomentum | AbleCarts for Home Delivery!

Curb-Side Pickup – Free
Delivery Service – $9.99
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California Organics and tkMomentum’s employment program AbleCarts are teaming up to create more employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Order online through California Organics online grocery store to place an order. The AbleCarts team will deliver your favorite groceries right to your door. Enjoy the convenience of grocery delivery while making an impact for people with disabilities in Nevada County.

The goal of our initial delivery map was to keep deliveries within a reasonable distance to the store, but still get most of the more populated areas. The top of the Map goes a bit out Hwy 49 (towards N. San Juan) and Hwy 20 (towards 5-mile house). Not too far either way due to snow possibilities. The west side follow Ridge Road and all of the associated housing areas. The east side covers Red Dog, Banner, Idaho Md., Brunswick & Hwy 174 just past the ‘Y’.

Please note: If a delivery is attempted and no one is present and we can not deliver the order, the charges will remain on the card and we will hold the order for one day, no refund for delivery.

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