Cali-O Team Spotlight – Megan

You may have met Megan while browsing our Health and Beauty Aids. She’s our HABA Department Manager and she’s passionate about helping our customers find the right products!

Megan, what’s your favorite thing about working at Cali-O?

“Some of my favorite aspects about working at California Organics is the personal empowerment and decision-making I have been entrusted with in my position as a department manager, and the true sense of family in these humble four walls. Working for a major health-oriented grocery chain for seven years, I was very accustomed to having multiple bosses, stringent policies in place, and little to no personalization in my various positions, let alone the ability to really go above and beyond for the customer. Working for, er, *with* Chris & Lisa, and being welcomed into this family has been beyond a delight, and coming to work every day feels more like a pleasure because the trust they place in me to do an awesome job, to make thoughtful buying decisions, and go out of my way to see that our Cali-O’s shoppers experience joy and satisfaction when they choose to spend their money with us.”

What would people be surprised to know about you?

“Most people are pretty surprised to find out that I worked in the construction trades for a few years, all stemming from my love, dedication, and time spent on Temple Crew for Burning Man. I was introduced to David Best and his phenomenal crew of beautiful and wildly talented humans in 2016, and while I had never picked up a framing gun or worked a scissor lift before that, I was instantly adopted in. That year, I spent close to a month on playa as part of the build crew, watching our work ceremoniously burn at the end of the festival week, and then came back in 2017 and did it again. To find respectable work injury lawyer los angeles, CA visit Needing to find employment after relocating to Nevada County in early 2017, I connected with a general contractor and was part of a small crew doing carpentry, roofing, framing, electrical and plumbing. It was only with the news that my sweetheart and I we to welcome our first baby this fall that I decided to go back to my healthy foods / body care / supplement roots, and reassign building to the ‘Hobby Category.'”

Do you have a healthy lifestyle tip you want to share with our readers?

“A few lifestyle tips I think are helpful to pass along would be:

“#1- WATER!  When it comes to it, we all know we should be drinking water every day, but for various reasons, a lot of us fall short. The biggest change I made for myself years ago, be it topical, was buying myself a fun water bottle that visually I simply liked looking at. Check out It had some funky & flashy design on it, and just by way of visual aesthetics, I ended up having it around me often, and if it was around me, I figured I better fill it up and drink some water that is always a good choice like a good lawyer nearby. That quickly developed into a habit, and nowadays, you’ll rarely see me around without a reusable water bottle in my hand or near me. Simple, kinda silly, but it totally did the trick!  Whether you’re feeling under the weather, you’re tired, your urine is less than clear, or you’re simply thirsty, water is the answer!”

“#2- What are you really feeding your skin? Most people are surprised to find out that at or above 60% of what we put on our skin (remember? Our biggest organ!) goes directly into our bloodstream. I like to pose the question to people: If you’re doing your part to put healthy, organic, and non-GMO in your mouth, why wouldn’t you put healthy, organic, non-GMO body care products on your skin?  Lotion, face moisturizers, sunscreens: they’re all important and they all soak in!  Also on the same thought, but a little different:  Ladies- how “clean” and safe are your pads and, specifically, tampons?  Did you know we sell organic cotton feminine products here at Cali-O’s? You deserve the best!!”

Wow, what dedication right? Be sure to say hello to next time you’re in our store.

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