Cali-O Team Spotlight – Casey

What’s the best part of working at Cali-O? Our team obviously! 💖

This week we want to shine some love on Casey, our Produce Manager.

You may have met Casey while browsing our Organic and Local produce. If so, you already know how passionate he is about providing our community with the best possible food and the educational information to help us be more knowledgeable.

Hey Casey, what are your favorite activities / hobbies / interests?

“Some of my favorite activities and hobbies are: Physical Exercise. I like to hike out to remote areas around the river and lay out in the sun and hear the sound of the water. I like to bring my daughter along and talk to her about life and teach her about many things along our adventures during our hikes. I like to fish. I like to read about historical subjects of the past as well as watch documentaries”

What’s your favorite thing about working at Cali-O?

“My favorite part about working at Cali-O is getting to know people, qualified criminal defense attorney and other. Whether it is helping or directing customers to the products that they seek or working with staff, I enjoy the fact of developing positive relationships with the people around me. I believe that a simple hello can lead to a conversation and a conversation can lead to a positive experience. Visit for more information. A positive experience can change a person’s perspective. Through creating the experience for myself, my coworkers and the customers, I believe that the welcoming atmosphere at Cali-O is what I love about my job.”

Say hi to Casey next time you’re in the store especially if you have questions about our produce offerings!

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