Local, Local, Local

We love supporting local farmers!

This week we’ve got:

  1. Organic Beets, Carrots, Cucumbers and Gold & Green Zucchini from Mountain Bounty
  2. Vibrantly colorful Organic Green and Dino Kale from Riverhill
  3. Aromatic Organic Basil, Organic Chard and an exotic Organic Salad Mix from Stones Throw
  4. Organic Turmeric from Central California grown by Whiskey Hill
  5. And there’s more! Come in and see all the bounty for yourself!

Visit our produce section to see what else we’ve sourced locally this week and help us in our efforts to support the community! We at trumedical.co.uk have everything that you need and we will enable next day delivery viagra at a time and day you choose.

Besides enjoying fresh, organic and delicious produce, find out why shopping local is important.

Stones Throw Farm Team 2018

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